Korea: Forgotten Conflict

Korea: Forgotten Conflict 1.27

Korea: Forgotten Conflict is a war strategical game
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Korea: Forgotten Conflict is a strategy slash action game for Windows. This game clearly follows the footsteps of the Commandos series. Who hasn't played Commandos, raise your hands? Well, I have and I loved it. I can't say the same about Korea: Forgotten Conflict. The game has top-notch visuals that are not way better than the old Commandos. The game's objective is pretty much the same one as those objectives that were set out in Commandos - get from A to B silently, without being killed. The game is lacking where Commandos excelled: playability. You have to give your squad orders and it would be great if your soldiers did exactly what you order without being dumb along the way. Sometimes, you have got to pause the game to give your soldiers some orders, which is OK, I guess, but it makes the game terribly slow and uneventful. Other than some obvious bugs, the game plays well enough to make it a nice rental, if you can get it on a console, maybe. I wouldn't quite buy this game to entertain me for more than a weekend, though.

José Fernández
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  • Good storyline


  • Weak playability
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